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What's in a Name? 
The Symbolism of Arrows

The ancient symbol of the arrow permeates across many cultures conveying different meanings and aesthetic purposes. From indigenous cave paintings to Hindu mythology, the symbol of the arrow represents everything from protection and life-giving sustenance to focus and concentration and reaching goals. 



An arrow is a sign of encouragement and positivity along with upward and forward movement. The symbolic hope and potential of the arrow remain rooted in its connection to the sport of archery where concentration, focus, and consistency bring the archer mastery over their target.



At Arrow Psychological Services, the symbol of the arrow and the archer represents the "pulling" and the "letting go" that we undertake together in order to help you hit the targets you've set for yourself. When client and therapist align together, the bowstring releases and launches successfully to its mark. Like the arrow, within each of us lies strength, power, and a sense of direction to move forward in your journey to happiness and healing. Only by honoring the tension of the bow and harnessing its power will we be able to work together to launch your best life.


Sources to learn more about arrow symbolism:

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