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Clinical Supervision

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Clinical supervision is one of my passions; I love the opportunity to scaffold the development of new clinicians in order to set them up for success. Currently, I am offering individual clinical supervision in an online format.

As supervisor, I think it is important to strengthen your ability to conceptualize through chosen theoretical orientations. While my academic grounding is in psychodynamic theory, my experience in a broad range of settings has allowed me to be integrative and incorporate CBT, systemic thinking, and existential theory. 


Having worked with a wide variety of diagnoses, we can continue

developing your diagnostic accuracy. I have found it is often

struggle for beginning clinicians to diagnose with confidence.

Lastly, ethics are of the utmost importance. They must be the foundation of any supervisory training. Skills include

documenting appropriately and effectively handling crisis situations. This also includes a strong commitment

to helping each clinician to understand the role

of their identity and how it impacts therapeutic relationships with their clients. 

    Let's target your supervision goals and get you moving forward to your next career step!

My Clinical Supervision Fees:

  • $100 per individual hour

  • $ 50 for group supervision (minimum of 3)

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