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Individual Therapy

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What is therapy like?

Individual therapy sessions last 55 minutes, and it is common to schedule a series of weekly sessions. Therapy can be short-term and target one specific goal or issue, or it can be long-term where you delve deeply into a complex issue to foster personal growth. Each session we meet is tailored to your unique needs and structured to fulfill your specific goals. Prior to your first session, you will be sent forms to complete relating to confidentiality and an intake questionnaire to help me understand your targets.


Is teletherapy confidential?

Teletherapy is completely confidential and conducted via an online HIPAA compliant platform called

When we schedule our session, I will send you the link, or you can self-schedule on my Simple Practice portal located here.

No special software is required, just click on the secure link and we will be connected from the comfort and safety of your home. You can use your computer's internet browser or your smartphone. Both options are fully secure and HIPAA compliant.


Is teletherapy effective?

Teletherapy sessions allow you to connect with a therapist online, through video. You can get the benefits of traveling to a my office from the comfort of your own home or office. It is possible to get the help you need during these uncertain and unprecedented times in a safe and secure manner.

Check out this scholarly study to compare the benefits of online vs. in-person counseling.

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